Training: Rotakin

We provide training to architects, property developers, suppliers, consultants, contractors, system integrator and end users. EtrOniTech provides the target to any client who which to perform system evaluations themselves. As a supplier of the target training and certification to use the target to the SANS 10222-5-1-4 standards are also provided.

  • Training according to SANS 10222-5-1-4 on the test target including Rotakin
  • We provide all trainees with a manual 
  • After successful completion of the course trainees will receive an EtrOniTech Certificate


Purpose of Cameras

There are five (5) purposes of a camera as listed below. During training you will be taught what the difference are and what a specific camera's purpose is or should be.  

Vertical Field of View

  • Identification  -   100% Vertical Field of View
  • Recognition  -   50%
  • Observation  -   25%
  • Detection     -   10%
  • Monitoring   -   5%

We shall define each purpose to the SANS standards, and trainees will learn to select the correct camera to these standards for forensic quality video.


Objective vs Subjective Tests

This type of objective performance testing is not generally a feature of the testing methods used by South African CCTV companies, as most companies only use subjective tests.

Objective Tests

  • The area covered by each camera
  • The size of the target
  • The system response
  • The visibility of the target
  • The effects of different types of illumination
  • Lens focus and adjustments


Acceptance Test Procedure

In order to ensure that all aspects of the system are thoroughly evaluated and tested, it is recommended that an acceptance test procedure (ATP) be documented beforehand.

 Training: Radiobarrier

  • Technical training
  • Equipment Installation
  • Sensor configuration
  • Control room Software

     - Engineering (Full system design and implementation)

     - Administrative

     - Operator

  • We provide all trainees with relevant manuals
  • After successful completion of the course trainees will receive an EtrOniTech Certificate

Certificate of Competence will be issued after completing

Rotakin or Radiobarrier training